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RobinVOL 3 is the best version of our EA, easier to use,

stronger and with a whole new set of features.

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Robin Watchdog

Robin Watchdog is an active monitorization solution for Metatrader conformed by server application able to receive information from all client installations being monitored with info both from the market and the broker. Robin Watchdog is the perfect complement to improve your Robin VOL installation

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Robin Trading Signal

RobinVOL Trading Signals is the easy way to trade RobinVOL in a portfolio way. If you don't have the required server infrastructure, or you just don't want to update every week the settings you are running, then take a look at RobinVOL Trading Signals

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The last Robin innovation… a FREE service for RobinVOL customers. Run RobinVOL strategy on multiple pairs and timeframes in a safe. Get new settings every week along with the combination of settings we recommend for each account size. Portfolio constantly get for you new strategies, discard others, change risk weights based on new market.

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RobinTradingHub is a trading product hub that provide you with products and services to operate in markets. The core of Robin is RobinVOL Forex Expert Advisor for Metatrader, one of the bests forex EAs in the world. RobinVol is nowadays available both as a product or as a signal service within MyFxBook, depending on your needs. The suite includes other software like Robin Watchdog,  an active monitorization solution for Metatrader.

Robin is a growing up family with new products and services coming soon, visit our roadmap page in order to discover new functionalities.

Robin is constructed over OpenSistemas Service and Development Management Environment, a framework for organizing the trading data, information management and trading technology components that are used to build our Trading products and services.  It involves osBrain, the OpenSistemas multiagent software for trading environment, used to create new trading products. Besides it includes a set of architectural components that are used to transform raw transaction data into a consistent and coherent set of information that is suitable for creating value. For example, this part of our architecture typically includes data integration, data cleaning and the creation of data marts and data warehousing to create new models and services based on historical data and backtest info.


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Consistent profits

RobinVOL has been designed with  a Long Term Profitable criteria


Advanced risk management

Trades only on the open of the bar, which protects the EA against market spikes


Adapts to market changes

Entries, exits and trade management are always based on market conditions. Everything is adapted to the recent volatility of the market



Very flexible, extensible and customizable


Innovation and global approach

Strategy is based on volatility breakout and retracements, Robin has become a global and comprehensive suite over the years


Great Support and security

Robin suite has been developed by OpenSistemas, a more than 10 years old company specialized in data & analytics


Real money accounts and backtests

3 years of live results, $1.000 minimum capital, Backtested average yearly profit 4 times the risk


Amazing roadmap

More than 4 year long term technical strategy, with public roadmap of new version and funcionalities

Lines of code

Size of parameter space analyzer

Automated tests

Our customers opinion

The first time I saw Robin VOL, I was deeply impressed by its unlimited potential.  Then I started to burn the midnight oil to create and optimize new settings for Robin VOL day after day.  I've never seen more flexible and robust expert advisors than Robin VOL - this is the best EA ever in my life, no doubt about it.  I'm truly grateful to Fernando for the release of such a wonderful EA!

Kaz Robuster

CEO , EaFanClub

FMonera has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration to many traders and EA developers like ourselves. His commitment to help fellow traders to choose the right EA has been great and almost every post made on the Donna Forex forum has been in the form of contribution to share information. He not only helps traders but also developers who seek his advice. We have greatly benefited from the knowledge base he has created on the Donna Forex Forum and also our direct interactions with him.
RobinVol EA will naturally be one of the best products that is available commercially since it is developed by FMonera himself, the Grand Master of automated trading.