Trading costs are something that few people takes into account on automated trading even when it affects a lot on the profitability.

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The importance of trading costs over the long time

Depending on the kind of system you are running, trading costs can have a very important impact. On systems such as scalpers, that targets just a few pips on every trade, trading costs are incredibly high, but even if you trade only long term profitable systems (which...

Sometimes we forget that the market can do whatever he wants and it's the EA work to react to any market behavior.

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Think long term when improving your strategy

How short term thinking works Whenever a basket of trades goes into positive territory promising nice gains and then the market reverses and RobinVOL closes at breakeven or with a loss, I usually receive the same kind of comments with suggestions to improve the...

The beauty of this is that you just need a quick look at any published backtest to check almost all of them.

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Essential long term profitability requirements

Fully analyzing a strategy or an EA to the point of being confident about letting it to touch my money is time consuming. There are thousands of free and commercial strategies available, and analyzing all of them would be unavoidable. Fortunately, it is easy to...

If you want to achieve long term profitability, there are some steps before committing real money to a given strategy.

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Steps before trading a strategy on real money

Most people buys and runs a given strategy just looking at fantastic equity curves presented by the vendor, expecting a holy grail that will make them rich in no time. If you are reading my blog, hopefully you already know that earning money using automated trading...