So every time I compile the EA, those tests are run and if I get an unexpected value, I am able to identify the source of the problem very quickly.

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Unit and functional tests in MQL4 (1)

The problem of coding trading strategies Any decent strategy will easily grow above some thousands of lines of code over the time. The code size of RobinVOL v2 for example is above 7,000 lines of C++ and MQL4 code. As time passes studying the strategy and markets, you...

This are 5 of my most important mistakes in automated trading. All costed me money:

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5 mistakes I did in automated trading

The same as almost all traders When I started I was convinced that I was very smart and that I would not commit the usual mistakes. Probably thinking that I was better than others was my very first mistake. I ended up falling into all the typical mistakes of a...

To succeed in trading (either manual or auto) you need the same that in any other discipline... Study, Understand, Practice.

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What is needed to succeed in trading

The truth about mythical traders and their secret trading systems   Many people likes this stories about mytical demi-god traders with a holy grail that appears for a limited time and then disappears as smoke. Tales tell us that those traders had it's own secret...