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RobinTradingHub is a trading product hub from that provide you with products and services to operate in markets. The core of Robin is RobinVOL Forex Expert Advisor for Metatrader, one of the bests forex EAs in the world. RobinVol is nowadays available both as a product or as a signal service within MyFxBook, depending on your needs. The suite includes other software like Robin WatchDog,  an active monitorization solution for Metatrader.

RobinTradingHub is a growing up family with new products and services coming soon, but it is also a Community where trading lovers can get access to new products only being registered. Welcome to RobinTradingHub Community.

Robin WatchDog

Robin Watchdog is an active monitorization solution for Metatrader. It has two parts: the client and the server.

The client is an expert advisor running on Metatrader 4 that is constantly monitoring the market and the broker.

The server is a PHP application to receive information from all installations being monitored.

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If you are trying to access RobinVOL 3 release candidate but you are here, it is because you don't have an active license, please re-activate it or buy a new one. Thank you!