How to: install RobinVOL 3

Discover how to install RobinVOL 3 and start trading! Our developer GAlonso shows you in a few simple steps how to install the lastest version of RobinVOL.



Make sure the MT4 instance in which you are going to install RobinVOL 3 is closed.

Go to RobinTradingHub and go to yor Private Area. From there, download the lastest version of RobinVOL 3. The downloaded file has a '.rar' extension. Open it and extract the '.exe' file contained in it into a folder of your choice.

Double click on the '.exe' to run the installer. If it is the first time installing the software, it may prompt you to enter your RobinVOL account credentials (NOTE: those are not the same than the details to log in on the website).

Type them and click OK. Then, a menu asking for the MetaTrader 4 Directory should pop up. Click on Browse and select your MetaTrader 4 Terminal installation path. When you are done, click OK.

If everything went OK, a message stating "MT4 program installed successfully" should pop up. Then, launch MetaTrader 4. You should find RobinVOL 3 under the Expert Advisors tab, located on the left panel.

When you are done with this, make sure to download and install the lastest settings, load the necessary M1 bars and you will be ready to trade!