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The trading environment is an essential part of trading. In fact, it is the most important part we must work on to succeed in the long term once we have a winning strategy. As you might know, the main official RobinVOL account already lost more than 400 pips due to execution delays and slippage, specially since January. That made me start the search of the most reliable broker.

Find here the details of the broker analysis and the reasons why we think AxiTrader is the best broker to trade RobinVOL.

AxiTrader is offering RobinVOL customers an account with the following characteristics (slightly different conditions applies to US residents):

  • ECN account (normal account for US customers)
  • Raw spreads 0 to 0.4 on average (1.2 average spread for US customers)
  • $7 commission round turn, $1 is returned to the customer as rebate on the trading account (so the cost is $6) (no commission for US customers)
  • Ability to trade 0.01 lots (exclusive to RobinVOL customers)
  • Free VPS (10 lots per month required for RobinVOL users, reduced from 100 for regular AxiTrader customers)
  • AxiTrader covers transfer fees for money transferred from other brokers (exclusive to RobinVOL users) (there is a limit here and a proof is required)
  • Multiple funding methods and currencies and free first time funding for some kind of payment types

Request online a new trading account



Select “Individual application”

Select “Individual application”, unless another option applies. “Sole Trader” is a term defined in Australian law and is only applicable for traders that are registered with the appropriate regulators there.



Input your e-mail address and the referrer

Put “RobinVOL” into the field “Who referred you to us (if anyone)” to ensure receiving the benefits, in case something didn’t work out with the promotional link above. In any case, you can still ask to be treated as a RobinVOL trader later, too, as described above.



Select “Pro Account”


Input your personal data

If you do not have an Australian driver’s license, you do not need to input your driver’s license number.


Input your bank data


Decide on an Authorized Representative


Choose account currency and leverage

With the RobinVOL recommended settings we will always be far away from the margin limit established by the leverage. As a result, RobinVOL should work with any leverage you choose.
It is best to select your country’s currency. Otherwise you will be adding additional risk (adverse exchange rate movement) and costs for exchanging money.



Accept the terms and conditions



In case your identity can be verified through a credit reporting agency immediately, your application is complete. If not, you are asked to upload, send via e-mail or mail copies of an identity card, passport or driver’s license and a copy of a document showing your address, like a utility bill or bank account statement.

Within 24 hours you should then receive an e-mail with further instruction on how to deposit funds and a link to download the trading platform MT4.