About OpenSistemas

Robin Trading Hub family has been developed by OpenSistemas, a Spanish company with more than ten years of experience in innovative projects and products related to data analysis, education and content management on Open Source platforms and Linux operating systems The main developer is Fernando Monera (fmonera), CINO of the company.

OpenSistemas develops solutions related to storage technologies, analysis, processing, exploitation and visualization of data in Business Analytics, Big Data and Data Science environments.

Data & Analytics Strategy
Technology, Information and Big Data

Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Open Source/Open Data approach
  • Focused on Data Driven
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Analysis, volume and technology
  • Real time / Batch support
  • Cloud architectures deployments over IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Multi-agent Big data Platform

MA Big Data Platform

  • Multiagent architecture in hierarchy
  • Distributed system and multiplatform
  • Multi-language model
  • Standarized communication tier
  • Scalability and performance oriented

Application Areas

  • Search and classification in real time
    • Intelligent Spiders, tracking and classification
    • Recommendation systems
  • Simulations
    • Model testing, scenarios
    • Environment simulation
  • Streaming Big Data Analysis
    • Social Network Integration
    • Finantial Markets Data Analysis

Analysis and Market Structure Solution

  • Market structure analysis
    • Complete market map: impulses and corrections, trends and degrees
    • Identification of correction types: flat, zigzag, complex,...
    • Identification of failures in both impulses and corrections
    • Identification of trends
    • Smart Money activity analysis
  • Market Makers activity analysis
    • Insiders activity analysis
    • Intentionality analysis: bull/bear, accumulation, distribution, artificial stop of the price,...
    • Short term Strength and Weakness identification: buy/sell, absorption of offer / demand, up/down intention
  • Advanced analysis tools
    • Pattern identification based on shape
    • Pattern learning
  • Trading tools
    • High probability turning point detection
    • Trendline identification, including degrees
    • Identification of Support and resistance zones