RobinVOL portfolio is an effort to run RobinVOL strategy on multiple pairs and timeframes in a safe way:

  • Risk control: we carefully calculate the risk to run for every strategy taking into account the trading frequency, the performance of the strategy and the impact of the strategy over the whole portfolio.
  • Correlation analysis: we constantly select the most uncorrelated strategies so that we protect ourselves against market changes
  • Market adaptation: We constantly select new strategies, discard others and change risk weights based on new market data

RobinVOL portfolio is a FREE service for RobinVOL customers. To access RobinVOL settings just login with your current KEY/PASSWORD for RobinVOL license.

We are currently publishing new settings every week along with the combination of settings we recommend for each account size. It is important to understand the risk implications of running multiple settings. If you are comfortable with running RobinVOL with a 1% risk, then if you want to run 10 different settings in a portfolio, you would have to set 0.1% risk for each.

An optimal and diversified portfolio might consist on hundreds of different settings on multiple pairs and timeframes. That will be a problem for current RobinVOL version as the trading platform (Metatrader) is not designed for that kind of heavy usage. The good news are that we plan to release next RobinVOL version with the ability to trade multiple concurrent settings within a single instance.

Current state of portfolio trading is beta. There will still be improvements in the service during the following weeks. Once we reach production state we will start trading a real money account and publish it through MyFXBook.

You can see a 2 years old live account trading a RobinVOL portfolio with this principles here:


If you want to know more about Portfolio and the strategy behind, please visit RobinVOL parameter optimization and portfolio analysis