RobinVOL 3

RobinVOL 3


This new version has been made from scratch, so there are notable differences with respect to RobinVOL 2 at all levels.


The biggest improvement is the capability of operating in portfolio mode; now operating with multiple configurations at the same time is easier than ever. To achieve this, we have carefully designed new data structures to hold and manipulate market data in a fast and reliable way. At the same time, order management from within MetaTrader has also been redesigned. Now RobinVOL is capable of efficiently managing all operations coming from the same pair, improving its efficiency by avoiding unnecessary commissions.


The old trading mode is still maintained (known now as "single trading"). This option still benefits from many of the improvements of RobinVOL 3, the most important one being the option to operate in non-standard timeframes. For example, users may now choose to operate using bars of 7 -or any other number- minutes.


Regarding security, we have kept most features from RobinVOL 2, such as weekend protection, bracket stop loss/take profit or using a fixed initial balance regardless of the real account balance. For calculating operation sizes, a new option has been added to specify the size in the account currency.


We have also expanded our settings subspace and are now considering a wide variety of pairs and timeframes, carefully selected after making a deep correlation analysis and measuring their performance with various techniques. For example, for July 2016, we are publishing up to 30 different configurations distributed amongst 10 different pairs. These numbers are likely to increase in the following months.


The graphical interface has been also completely redesigned in order to display important information to users in a concise way. We have focused on making a simple, clean and small user interface to let the user track information coming from various charts at the same time.


Also, a new folder hierarchy has been created to help users better organize the different Expert Advisors they might have installed in their computers. Loading new monthly configurations is now easier than ever. With RobinVOL 3 updating the settings is as simple as dragging and dropping the new files into the corresponding folder and restarting the terminal. Trades from past months will still be managed by the EA automatically, even if the configuration file does not exist anymore.


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With the release of RobinVOL 3, we are also launching 3 different official accounts of RobinVOL 3.

Official account 1: Non-MetaTrader version

Official account 2: MetaTrader version - Live version

Official account 3: MetaTrader version - Demo version

Official account 4: RobinVOL portfolio

Non official account: High risk settings