RobinVOL is a vital part of RobinTradingHub suite, it is a software program that operates on the FOREX market taking automated buying and selling decisions. It operates automatically without the need of any human intervention.

RobinVOL can be optimized to operate in different markets and timeframes. By default, it should be setup on EURUSD on M15 timeframe.

IMPORTANT NOTE: RobinVOL is designed to open and close positions by itself. Manual closing of positions is not supported and it will make the Expert Advisor to behave erratically. Manual intervention will be implemented in future releases.

Design goals

RobinVOL has been designed with the following criteria:

  • To be a Long Term Profitable EA (Expert Advisor)
  • To protect your trading capital by advanced risk management and robustness features, so that whatever happens in the future your trading capital is protected



The main characteristics of RobinVOL are:

  • Trades only on the open of the bar, which protects the EA against market spikes.
  • Entries, exits and trade management are always based on market conditions. Everything is adapted to the recent volatility of the market.
  • Adds one position on every bar as long as entry conditions are met, so RobinVOL will risk more capital if the conditions are favorable.
  • The strategy is based on volatility breakout and retracements.
  • It is not a scalper. Tries to catch medium to large movements with trades opened usually 18 to 24 hours.
  • It has loosing periods, sometimes of several months. But the recovery is usually fast.
  • There are a lot of position sizing options to protect your capital: fixed size, percentage of your trading capital, volatility adjusted position sizing and options to trade only a portion of the trading capital.
  • It doesn’t use unsound position sizing tricks, such as martingale, grid or averaging.
  • Very good risk to reward. Baskets are opened with approx. a 1:2 risk/reward ratio, and usually stop loss and take profit are trailed so that risk/reward ratio goes quickly to 1:5 or even more.

Default settings are configured to maximize the chances of future profits. Please, see the robustness section to know more about the robustness features implemented.

Strategy description


RobinVOL trades volatility breakouts. It enters positions in the direction of the breakout using two different strategies:

  1. When the breakout happens
  2. On retracements of the breakout

As long as the conditions are met, RobinVOL keeps adding positions in the direction of the breakout every bar.


This picture shows RobinVOL taking some long trades based on volatility breakout and retracement strategies and then some short trades.


This picture shows RobinVOL behavior on May/2012 taking short entries, where both kind of entries can be spotted.

RobinVOL only trade at the close of the bar. This way we are protected against some market spikes and fake movements. If price touches our Take Profit or Stop Loss level, the trade is not closed immediately. Instead, RobinVOL waits for the closing of the bar to see if the price closes behind those levels. Due to this, the closing price of each trade will always be a bit further from both the Take Profit level and the Stop Loss level.

If you want to know more about RobinVOL features and, specially, about its performance, please click on the Menu on RobinVOL and go through all the details.