RTH Blue Club

RTH Blue Club, is an exclusive club for special customers, where you will receive new funcionalities FOR FREE and special treatments, starting with fortnightly settings that will give your RobinVOL 3 a most precise strategy, better adapted to the market changes.

But there will be so much more:

  • Exclusive videos
  • Webinars
  • Private chats with FMonera, our main developer and reputable trader
  • News and more surprises!

Tell your friends about your experience with RobinVOL 3 and encourage them to try it! If your friend gets a new RobinVOL 3 you will get into the new exclusive club of RobinTradingHub*.

These perks will only be available for a small group of customers, don't lose the opportunity of being one of them!

Your friend will need to tell us your email address after the purchase proccess. Remember: the email you are using in RobinTradingHub. After the validation proccess, you will enjoy all the RTH Blue Club benefits.


* Promotion only available for new purchases of RobinVOL 3. The access to RTH Blue Club won't be granted until the new purchase is completed and the refund period is over and not requested.

If you have any question about RTH Blue Club, please contact us:

RTH Blue Club question

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